I moved to Redding 18 years ago and am raising my four kids here. They all graduate from college, and no one wants to return now. Maybe later will. 

I joined the Redding Chamber of Commerce 14 years ago.

I envision creating a vertically integrated website platform to start a digital agency in every city. This platform will provide the best value to customers with the lowest operation cost. This is why I began WebAsOne.

It is hard to start a local digital agency. Everyone uses similar technologies. For 18 years, I have seen agencies come and go. The agencies depend on marketing skills to complete—the primary goal is to profit from customers to survive.

WebAsOne is ready and will start agencies from Redding and Chico. The goal is to create a model, capture the experiences, and duplicate it worldwide. The platform is ready to scale.

As stated earlier, this platform will provide the best value to customers. This will be a win-win-win solution for you, Redding/Chico, and WebAsOne. As WebAsOne expands, many high-paying jobs will be available in the cities. You will receive an amazing, continuously improving, long-lasting, and fast website at a great price.

Also, create reddinglist.com/chicocalist.com to provide free online business listings to serve the community.

Mark Yuan
CEO, WebAsOne