Single-Stage Design Process

The standard website design process is from 5 to 7 stages and is a one-way process. 

WebAsOne is the first to offer a single-stage process.

Multi Stages Process Single Stage Process
Website builders, CMS, and Website Platforms WordPress, WebFlow, Wix, Squarespace ... WebAsOne
One-Way Process Yes No
Website average lifespan 3 years 10+ years
Customization of a deployed website Very limited Almost no limitation
Use template individual templates for each website One template, all websites use the same template
Productized/Turnkey website No Yes
Website code reuse Limited and very deep understanding Build in mechanism
Technologies upgrade Most likely has issues with backward compatibilities Continuous improving
Website operation Maybe, but difficult. One-click duplicate, one-click redeploy.
Module development Mostly self-development, Costly to development Easy-to-use codes from different sources, Integration cost